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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Anatomy of a Dying Civilization

ANATOMY OF A DYING CIVILIZATIONA thousand years from now, if the earth is still standing, researchers will be digging thorough the ruins of our once great cities and sifting through surviving materials in dusty archives, trying to discover what brought an end to this flourishing civilization. As Edward Gibbon was able to pinpoint the causes for the collapse of the mighty Roman Empire, so they will find specific causes for the dissolution of the American nation. Although I'm no prophet, I predict the following will be among the causes identified.
An overabundance of corrupt lawyers, driven by greed, who made it possible for other greedy citizens to live as parasites off the labor of others. The resulting flood of litigation destroyed trust and neighborliness. It turned family members, friends and neighbors into hungry wolves constantly looking for another victim to sue.
Corrupt politicians who used their office for personal power and gain and cared nothing for the common good of the nation. As one former U. S. Congressman observed, he could count the true statesmen and women in the House of Representatives on his fingers. They were willing to bankrupt the nation to purchase votes for reelection. The common good was sacrificed for party considerations.
A corrupt press and media who daily abused truth and their audiences by selective presentation of news, use of half truths and reporting that advocated the agenda of liberal politics. They left the public confused and cynical of all news.
A failed public education system that was co-opted by agenda driven advocates, more interesting in promoting socialism, environmentalism, feminism, gay rights, amoral sexual freedom, evolution and secularism than in educating children and helping them to develop into responsible, productive citizens.
A band of do-gooders who stirred class envy, and racial animosity rather than heal and unite the various ethnic groups of the nation. They succeeded in turning the nation into warring factions unable and unwilling to work together for the progress and survival of the whole.
A corrupt, degenerate entertainment industry that for money was willing to corrupt and destroy the moral character of millions of young people. Nothing was too vile, or too immoral if it brought them bucks.
A criminal element that destroyed the fabric of society to enrich themselves. Most notable was the illegal drug industry that wasted millions of lives and brought havoc to untold families. Then there were the professional thieves who stole their millions and from government and private investments, leaving elderly people to face retirement in poverty. There were those marauding savages who stalk the streets raping, robbing and stealing from honest, working folks.
Unfaithful preachers and churches who failed to turn people's hearts to God; to teach them to live soberly, righteously and godly (Tit. 2:13); to instill in then the ethics of the kingdom of heaven and to reprove sin (II Tim.4:2). They were more interested in pleasing men than Christ (Gal. 1:10). They were willing to compromise his Sacred Truth in order to keep their comfortable positions (I Tim. 6:5). Many of these leaders were unbelievers who poisoned the souls of their flocks with doubt and disbelief, leaving them with a hollow, empty faith.
The nation valiantly struggled to survive, despite these crippling disorders. Finally, exhausted, she collapsed under their unrelenting pressure. Yes, other causes will be discovered, but make no mistake, these will be on the list. And what can the Christian do in the face of all of this evil? Pray that God will have mercy on our nation; that He will send a revival of faith and goodness upon our people. Pray that He will help you faithfully live the Christian life and be a citizen that will help rather than hinder the survival of the nation. Pray that he will help you teach and train your children so they will grow up to be useful, productive, honorable Christian citizens. Pray that He will bless his church with courage and conviction to be faithful to his Word in these trying times. John Waddey


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